Mar 21, 2009

Random Monkey Droppings, March 21, 2009

A few musings, to keep myself entertained whilst I drive nails into my forehead i.e. try to write something worth reading:

1) This sampling of TV blowhard and waste of DNA Bill O'Reilly reading the *ahem* sensual parts of his novel Those Who Trespass is too disturbing for words.

2) I'm reading Joe R. Lansdale's Sunset and Sawdust, and am really digging his overheated southern gothic style.

3) Here's my late-to-the-party thoughts on Watchmen:
  • Sure, it's not a perfect film, but after sitting through the deeply disappointing and empty The Incredible Hulk (despite the exquiste set design of Andrew Redekop [some relation]), I am prepared to be forgiving of its flaws, as a superhero movie with a brain is infinitely more impressive and rare a thing than one that has none. My god, people, it actually tries.
  • Yes, you can see Dr. Manhattan's wang. Get over it, it's like in 5-6 shots, it's not like the whole film is blue genitals.
  • I want someone to invent the Rorschach shifting facemask tout de suite.
  • I will definitely purchase the Director's Cut DVD.
4) With thanks to Jeff Vandermeer for the idea, this is my favourite book-related moment from TV:

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