Mar 23, 2009

Apparently, she's a contortionist

From Chapter 3 of James Patterson's already depressingly awful online novel-by-committee "chain thriller" Airborne:

Amanda's throat felt hoarse from all the screaming, which must have lasted for at least 20 minutes – she couldn’t be certain because her watch was strapped to her left wrist, which was hogtied to her right one behind her back...She sighed and felt the perspiration drip from her temples down her face, and she wiped it away on her forearm – she needed to do something.
Her hands tied behind her back, but she somehow wipes her face on her forearm - go ahead, try it, I dare you. I'll wait.

If you aren't yet following this novel, you really should; it'll make you appreciate quality all the more.

1 comment:

Monica said...

stuff like that will make me put down a book. No more chances

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