Aug 18, 2012

Husk - The pictures! They're coming...ALIVE!

In addition to being a stunningly successful author in my own mind, did you know I'm also a talented screenwriter/director?

Yet what I have in obvious greatness, I lack in resources. So instead of an AVID editing suite (oh, those were the days!), I have iMovie software on my laptop. Instead of John Williams to compose a score, I have Creative Commons.

BUT...I have a secret weapon at my disposal. Or rather, seven secret weapons; a volleyball team's (plus one alternate) worth of nieces and nephews who are willing to work for...well, not peanuts, one has an allergy. But they work for far below scale, needing only words and hugs to get the job done right.

And so, without further rambling preamble, I present for your entertainment the next best thing to owing my  book itself (out October 1, check your nearest independent bookseller for your orders) -

Husk: The Book Trailer!
Please enjoy!

Thank you, nieces DeGroot and niece and nephews Redekop, your weeks of toil have not gone in vain. Expect a nice new lolly in your stockings come xmas.

If you've enjoyed this trailer, you may do two things to repay me: 1) purchase the book, and 2) share it with friends via the usual social networks (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, MySpace [does that still exist?]). Please do not share via the unusual social networks. Those places are creepy!

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