Sep 2, 2009

Critical Monkey! Update the second!

Another month, another batch of goodness. Check here for the rules if you're a newbie. Enough preamble! Get to the stats!

(seven reviews)

Depression (six reviews)

Anger (five reviews)

Guilt (four reviews)

Bargaining (three reviews)

Look at that, we have a genuine contest going on here!

Some very interesting choices in the second month. Jeanne's excoriating review of Empire of Lies left me positive that Andrew Klaven was not an author I want to read, or have as a neighbour. Lori L and Steve Zipp have gone for the upscale classics we're all supposed to have read by now but haven't (I've never read Leacock either, but boy, I think it's a Canadian law that I should). Betty reviews a better-than-expected teen zombie novel, and gypsysmom takes on the best-selling Anne Rice. Myself, I still have no feeling in my legs after the roundhouse kick to my boys that was Chuck Norris' craptacular Justice Riders.

But I think Norris was enough of a punishment for me. Time to take a cue from my fellow contestmates and read something a little more, well, better. In the spirit of trying something new that should've been read long ago, I've put aside my plan to flagellate myself with Nicole Richie's novel and instead have opted for a slice of pure Canadiana.

Up next: W.O. Mitchell's Jake and the Kid. That ought to make my elementary school teachers happy.

Keep it up, Monkeys! Only ten more months to go! We've got a few people up to denial; who wants to bargain? As always, leave your book and link in the comments section. And if I missed one, let me know, I'll fix the mistake posthaste.

And tell your friends, the more the merrier. And I promise, next month, I'll have a freebie for someone, guaranteed.*

*Not a guarantee.

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Steve Zipp said...

Hey, who can name one of the biggest best-sellers of all time, yet sits unread on most people's shelves? Check it out!

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