Nov 29, 2007

The Canadian Book Challenge

John Mutford, bibliophile and all-around tough guy - hey, he lives in Nunavut, for Pete's sake! I thought it was cold here in Thompson? What do I know about cold? - has set up a new contest at his blog The Book Mine Set that we all should participate in.

The Canadian Book Challenge is a dare by Mutford to read thirteen Canadian novels before Canada Day, 2008. Register at the site, read the books, review them on your blogs, and viola! Instant fame for deserving novels.

John has a few hints, if there are those out there who need more guidance. I like the idea of reading one book from each Province and Territory. He's got a nice list of possible titles (and there's a certain novel I'm quite fond of in the Manitoba list).

And of course, Canadian prizes for those who complete the challenge. I believe there's a copy of David Bergen's The Time In-Between, as well as a puck, a box of KD, and other Canuck temptations. Sweet!

I'll be promoting this more when I become the WIR at Open Book: Toronto in January.

So get reading! The Canada Reads choices were just announced, if you need a starting point.

1 comment:

John Mutford said...

Hi there, thanks for the promo! Looking forward to more participants!

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