Oct 27, 2007

Well, I am 38...

yup, the big three-eight, on the far downside of thirty, and tobogganning my way straight to 40.

But, I have a full head of hair that is the envy of every man and woman I know, I still look like a young thirty (if the opinions of random street people mean anything), and I have my health (although the men in my family have a tendency toward sudden heart attacks).


Random musings on what I've learned in thirty-eight years of life:

The world as we know it has changed more in my lifetime than I think anyone could have ever prepared for.

My girlfriend is the greatest person in the world.

Having kids is way overrated.

Most people are pretty decent folk.

There are some truly terrible, evil people in this world, and many of them hold astonishing amounts of power.

I like my job. Finally.

Ann Coulter is, for all intensive purposes, the devil incarnate.

Religion is a touchy subject at the best of times.

Saturday afternoons at the Thompson Giant Tiger should hereby be known as 'The Most Depressing Place on Earth.'

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

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