Apr 1, 2007

In case you didn't want to pay for your copy...

Libraries with orders for Shelf Monkey:

Ottawa Public Library - 4 copies

London Public Library - 5 copies

Toronto Public Libraries - 14 copies

Saskatoon Public Library - 1 copy

Halifax Public Libraries - 1 copy

Regina Public Library - 1 copy

Winnipeg Public Libraries - 6 copies

Calgary Public Libraries - 3 copies

Wheatland Public Library - 1 copy

Greater Victoria Public Library - 2 copies

Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario - 1 copy

Thompson Public Library - 1 copy

Belmont and Golden Plains Mobile Library (Australia) - 2 copies

43 copies so far!


Head Tale said...

Thompson only ordered one copy? Surely, you can pull some strings there?

Instinctively, I was going to put a hold on the RPL copy but then I thought, "Oh, crap - I probably should *buy* a copy of this one. Starving artists and all that."

Some authors get copies at cost from their publishers to sell themselves. Did you? If so, I'll buy one from you so the extra 40% goes to your student loan fund rather than Heather Reisman's yacht fund.

Let me know the cost with postage and I'll mail you a cheque or arrange payment via other method.

Head Tale said...

Not sure if you've thought much about this but as a peripheral player in the publishing game for many years, here's my suggestions on how to sign a copy of your book:

- always put the date
- always put a personalized message, no matter how brief. If you're signing for people you don't know, come up with a short catch-phrase or pull something from the novel.
- optional: do the hockey player thing and put your number after your name "Corey Redkop #7" ;)

When you reach Atwood levels of fame and your signing line reaches around the block, these rules might be subject to change but until then, those are a couple minor things to make the signing seem like more than a hasty scribble to the people who will be shelling out for your book.

Corey Redekop said...

Thanks for the advice, I haven't actually thought it out that far. I haven't received any copies yet, but I'll let you know. I'll likely buy a bunch to sell at the library here, do a reading, that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

So when I get my copy, I can just mail it to you for my personalized autograph?


Anonymous said...

I'm paying cash money for my copy, baby.

...and I want it signed: "To my devoted slave"

E Ann.

M said...

I am a volunteer book reviewer for Wordfest in Calgary. Shelf Monkey was among the more awesome things that I have read recently. I have been raving about it to everyone I know. I gave it a glowing review for the festival for whatever my 2 cents is worth as I am one reviewer among many. I really dig your writing style. Are you planning more books?

Corey Redekop said...

Well, I have an idea, but due to a mix of job interference and chronic laziness, I have been unable to get two words on the page. However, the fact that a complete stranger is willing to not only read my novel, but enjoy it, makes me think I should get off my freakin' duff and write something, fer crissakes!

Thanks for promoting me. If you ever write a review, or see anything promoting me, let me know. Official release date: April 17, 2007.

You made my day, m. Thanks.

Tanya said...

On the Toronto Public Library website, they have 14 copies on order, and 9 copies are already on hold. And one copy is going into the Toronto Reference Library, which means it's there for always. That's pretty darned cool.

Chris thinks I should buy a bunch of books from the publisher and sell them myself. There's Tanya on the street corner again, hockin' copies of Shelf Monkey. "Wanna buy a book?"

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