Oct 30, 2012

So, that's that then.

And with nary a bang nor whimper, I draw the Shelf Monkey experiment to an ignoble close.

I've enjoyed this blog. Starting it as a way to promote my novel, Shelf Monkey quickly became a safe place for me, a venue for books reviews and things that annoy me (sometimes both at the same time).

But eventually, all blogs die, and I think this one, while it may sputter onward for a while, is done. I've been writing reviews less and less, and with my second novel Husk now out and about, I find myself with precious little time and/or energy to devote to writing projects of the non-paying variety. I want to write more, and publish more, and something has got to give.

I'll drop by occasionally, when the mood hits. I owe some people reviews, and I'm too polite to ignore them. I'll miss getting free books, but as it stands, I've got enough material to be reading well into the next decade.

I'll still keep irregularly blogging at my website www.coreyredekop.ca, to keep people up to date on my whereabouts and whyabouts and howabouts. I may expand it to include quick little shout-outs to books and people I admire, but the reviews will be, on the whole, much shorter and less time-consuming. I hope you'll drop by, I always enjoy company. Just wipe your feet first.

So, thanks for the memories, Interweb. It's not you, it's me.
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