Aug 18, 2010

Prepare yourself - the official book trailer for YOU comma Idiot, by Doug Harris

In my travels, I've come across many novels I've adored, and authors I've come to love with almost fearsome passion. My latest man-crush is on Doug Harris and his upcoming novel YOU comma Idiot - and before you say it, yes, I am his publicist, what of it? Does that negate my opinion entirely? It's a great book!

Either way, I had no control over the following book trailer, which is all Doug, and all spectacular. So many trailers seem to forget that they are centered around a book, which makes for a pretty presentation, but oftentimes I actually forget there's a book to be purchased. Doug has found a way around that.

So take a look, and please post this to your own sites, if you like it. The music is by
Trevor Grigg and the Infamous Few, who you should really look up.

YOU comma Idiot comes out September 17, 2010. Your world will officially change the next day.

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