Jul 18, 2010

A chance to be published!

Are you talented with a pen? Smart with a narrative? Bulging with imagination? Is your filing cabinet bursting with unsold tales of adventure, lust, and/or ennui?

The lovely people at Joyland would like to help. The website, devoted to the art of the short story (an art that, sadly, I have nowhere near mastered - diarreha of the mouth, I believe it's know as), is launching its own eBook imprint to showcase the best that North America has to offer. And for its 2011 title, they want to solicit one (1) short story from an interested Joyland reader with dreams of publishing.

Click here for full details. This is a great opportunity to get a showcase in a publication created by true lovers of the form. A story in this collection would be a coup beyond compare.

You've got only until August 1, so don't wait any longer! Brush off those unsold tales of grand adventure, and send them in. What have you to lose, except a chance at immortality!


Finn Harvor said...

Link doesn't work from this side of the pond -- umpteenth time I've had this problem with a Canadian website, too. Might I suggest the following updated acronym for the Web: NAWW?

Corey Redekop said...

I wish I could help, the links work fine here.

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