Mar 23, 2010

Girl Crazy by Russell Smith - Quill & Quire review

The estimable mag Quill & Quire had published my review of Russell Smith's newest novel Girl Crazy online. I'd never read Smith before this, but Girl Crazy is strong enough that I'm going to seek out his earlier work.

Here's a nugget:
Smith excels at presenting the sexual fixations of the male psyche, slicing them apart and exposing the emotional impotence beneath. Justin, still an adolescent at heart, fetishizes each woman who crosses his path, living for “the fright of helplessness that he felt when he felt himself staring so hard at a woman who was not staring back: the feeling of seeping power … that you were the wailing infant, waiting for her to feed you.”
If you're intrigued (or bored, who am I to assume your interest level), the rest of the review can be found here.


Lori L said...

I did it! I finished my 7th Critical Monkey book!
The Outlaws of Mesquite by Louis L'Amour

Although it was certainly an interesting contest and at times a difficult and painful challenge, I'm glad I'm done. I don't know if I have the fortitude to do this again.

Corey Redekop said...

Hey, big ups to you. So far, only you and Steve Zipp have had the testicular fortitude to go all the way. I'm coming close, but I think I need to go out with a bang - something really, really potentially awful.

Remi said...

I found his first novel, How Insensitive in a sale bin and liked it a lot. I've read most of his books and enjoyed them all. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Girl Crazy.

As for the challenge, I have been a complete failure. I couldn't muster the courage. Sorry.

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