Dec 2, 2009

Critical Monkey! Update the fifth! Seven contestants, no waiting!

Man, five months down, seven to go. Seems like an eternity, doesn't it?

And now, the stats! Survey says:

Acceptance (seven reviews)

Depression (six reviews)

Anger (five reviews)

Guilt (four reviews)

Corey Redekop

Lori L

Steve Zipp

Bargaining (three reviews)

Denial (two reviews)



Shock (one review)



So we've got three people at the Guilt stage (comin' up on Anger), a few new reviews, and one spankin' new entrant (welcome, Alison!). Looks like a good group. With strong stomachs.

But we've still got seven months to go. Remember, all new reviews between the last update and next months' put you in the running to win a signed copy of Canadian author Mark Rayner's oddball sci-fi epic The Amadeus Net.

So okay ramblers, let's get rambing. Nut up, buttercup, times a'wastin'.


Unknown said...

Although this challenge seems a little masochistic and although I usually jealousy guard my reading time, I think it is important to step out of one's comfort zone -- so here goes. Count me in. I just ordered a bunch of books from Chapters deal of the week -- 7 books for 7 bucks for 7 days. They are not my usual fare so I await their arrival with a mixture of anticipation and fear -- especially after having read Corey's review of Twilight -- hopefully my choices will not cause me to suffer as much!

Corey said...

Welcome aboard, Scrat! I look forward (if that is the correct term for a contest such as this) to your reviews.

Jeanne said...

My third review is up today; hope you "enjoy" it!

Betty (Beth) said...

I have submitted my 2nd entry!

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