Nov 13, 2009

Canadian Thrills and Excitement Galore!

Just a quick little jaunt down Blogosphere Lane to point out two reviews I wrote for the revered publication Quill and Quire, now online for the amusement and edification of all. These are two esteemed Canadian novelists, and each of their efforts is well worth your time.

First, a review of Arthur Slade's The Hunchback Assignments, a young adult steampunk novel that is absolutely fantastic:
Slade ensures that the fanciful elements never overwhelm the story through his careful handling of the gallant Modo and the canny Octavia, another young ward drafted into action. Modo’s unusual predicament is handled with aplomb, and children will empathize with his role as an outsider who craves acceptance, even as they revel in an outlandish plot that ends with a promise of further tales of danger.
And next, Linwood Barclay's thriller Fear the Worst, a novel with the frenetic plotting of the best Hollywood thrillers:
Like the best suspense novels, Fear the Worst expertly navigates an increasingly jumbled plot with clarity and precision. It is a given that such novels include red herrings galore, but Barclay keeps the story moving at such a terrific clip that the 400+ pages fly by.


Remi said...

Congrats on the reviews.

I remember being skeptical when the guy who wrote funny columns for the Star (Barclay) started writing thrillers. Turns out the joke was on me. Everyone says they're great.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like Linwood's work. Just finished No Time To Say Goodbye this summer after I picked it up aty Bloody Words in Ottawa.
If only my current piled reading list wasn't taller than my 6'3" kids, I'd add your recs too.

And then there's the Gillers noms!

Corey Redekop said...

You know, I don't have much interest in the Gillers this year. Maybe I'm getting more cranky in my olden years, but the stereotypical Giller nominee is beginning to turn me off. An unfair and overreaching judgment, but there you have it.

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