Jul 18, 2009

Monkey Droppings - the visual edition!

I've come across some rather amazing images lately, and rather than enjoy them by myslef, I thought I'd lump them all together and bring some very creative artists to your attention. If you don't like these, well, at least you've learned something about me, and what turns my crank.

First (via Geekologie), we have the immortal cartoon sad sack Charlie Brown, immortalized by artist Tim O'Brien as a living breathing human. Prepare to be amazed and likely horrified.

Next, continuing the cartoon-to-human theme, from artist Pixeloo comes a few images that have been around on the web for a bit, but I find them so fascinating I added them here.

First, the human Homer Simpson:

And next, the human Stewie Griffin:

And finally (again via Geekologie [great site, by the way]) comes the "I Can Read Movies" series, a collection of absolutely perfect, bang-on terrific vintage covers for paperback novelizations of movies. I don't know who spacesick is, but he or she should be designing the real thing.

Scroll down slowly, and try to guess the title of the movie from the image. And check the link for many more titles.

Boy, I wish I had talent.


Mark said...

Stewie is really disturbing.

Monica said...

stewie reminds me of the joke about the drunk who bumps into the lady and she drops her groceries (eggs, ketchup) and remarks to her 'wouldna lived anyway, its eyes are too far apart'

and Homer has a thyroid condition. exopthalmos anyone?

Remi said...

I like the irony of a novelization of a movie that was based on a book.

I remember loving Gremlins back in grade school.

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