May 15, 2009

Monkey Droppings - mythical monsters get the celluloid treatment

Just a quick little bite together, but more tomorrow.

Through the grapevine that is the Internet I have stumbled across the following news:

They are actually going to attempt a movie version of Steven Sherrill's brilliantly absurd The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break.

Now, I won't comment on the fact that the director is best known for Kung Fu Panda, mostly because I have not seen it. And I am happy for Mr. Sherrill, as this means more people will take to his wonderful work.

But the novel is one of those heart-breakingly tiny pieces, full of tiny moments and perfect stillness. It is a novel of grace and intelligence. Yes, it is about a Minotaur who works as a short-order cook, but it is as finely-tuned a piece of literature as anything by Jose Saramago or Mordecai Richler. It does not scream out, "Movie!"

Please don't let them screw this up.


Monica said...

i am always conflicted when i hear that a book i really enjoyed is being made into a movie. i feel a sense of ownership, i guess, when there is a book that really touches me.I want the people who are making the movie to realize the important parts, and so often, its just disappointing.

Corey Redekop said...

I know what you mean. I'd feel better if I had faith in the director, and I heard that Panda was actually pretty good, but this is way different. Maybe if the guys from PIXAR did it. Who directed Wall-E? HE could do it justice, I bet.

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