Mar 1, 2009

Who will win Canada Reads?

Well, the results of my highly scientific poll are in:
Who Should Win This Year's Canada Reads?

The Book of Negroes, by Lawrence Hill - 29.17% (7 votes)

The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant, by Michel Tremblay - 4.17% (1 vote)

Fruit, by Brian Francis - 37.50% (9 votes)

Mercy Among the Children, by David Adams Richards - 20.83% (5 votes)

The Outlander, by Gill Adamson - 8.33% (2 votes)
WHOO! It's a sweep for Fruit! Congratulations, Brian Francis! Pick up your gift bag at the door!

The serious i.e. the real Canada Reads event begins tomorrow, Monday, March 2 on CBC Radio One at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. (2 and 8 p.m. NT). Tune in to root for your favourite.

Go, Fruit!

But The Book of Negroes will win. Believe me, I work in a public library, and The Book of Negroes is the only novel anyone is reading.


Anonymous said...

I read Fruit not that long ago and I absolutely loved it! I haven't read all the books for this years Read. I've got The Book of Negroes on the go, almost done, and The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant also in the works. Now, the point I want to get to, I am a huge fan of Tremblay's theatrical works (and for that I'd love to see him win it) but I also adored Fruit. So, I really don't know which of the two I root for the most this week.
On the other hand I agree with you that The Book of Negroes will win hands down. Sigh, too bad Canada Reads is that predictable.

Remi said...

I say they have taken the whole debate format as far as it can go. Next year, I want to see bloodshed. If you really think your book is the best, grab a sword and jump into the pit.

Then again, maybe not. . .

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