Feb 3, 2009

Wanda, from the blog A Season to Read, has done me the pleasure of naming my little section of internet ramblings a 'fabulous' blog, and who am I to argue with good taste?

Of course, with recognition comes responsibility. Specifically, I am to name 5 of my addictions, and then tag 5 blog-pals to continue the meme.

So, 5 of my addictions:

1)  Caffeine

2)  Hawaiian pizza

3)  Fish paralyzers (to take the edge off)

4)  Lost/Twin Peaks (can't decide)

5)  Wasting time.

And 5 of my bloguddies:

T. Keith Edmunds
Matt Staggs
E. Ann Bardawill
Steve Zipp
Chrissy Calhoun

1 comment:

Wanda said...

Lost lost me about mid-way last season; didn't stick it out to the end with Twin Peaks either.

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