Feb 25, 2009

Freedom to Read Week, Feb. 22-28

Freedom to Read Week 2009

For those not in the know, this week, February 22-28, is the
25th National Freedom to Read Week.

I'm not going to bother espousing to any great length on the importance of such a week (but please consider reading Steven Beattie's well-argued consideration), but I would like to point out my personal feelings on the matter.

This is a matter of major importance. It is all fine and good to not want to read a book. It is even acceptable to wish that others would not read certain books. I, if given the power, would gladly put the torch to every Tim LaHaye, every Ann Coulter, every James Patterson, Kevin Trudeau, Mitch Albom and Sean Hannity.

However, I don't, and while I have the right to tell others I wish they really wouldn't bother with such blather, I don't have to the right to demand that others stop.

When someone tells you that you cannot read something, they are telling you that you are incapable of rational thought. That you cannot form an opinion of your own. That you cannot be trusted.

I have read many, many books that others have said, in so many words, were harmful. I'm pretty okay. I'm actually the better for having read them.

No one has the right the stop you from reading, from thinking for yourself. Don't let them think they do. Fight them. Rise up against ignorance. You'll be the better person for it. Society will be better for it.

Also, if you'd like to argue that my novel be banned and censored, please do so. I could use the sales.

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