Nov 10, 2008

The Incredibly Ordinary Danny Chandelier: review

Sorry I haven't been updating the blog much as of late. Moving to the east coast eats up all your time, as does a new job and the overwhelming responsibilities of becoming a homeowner. What do you mean, I have to pay for repairs to the clothes dryer? Why me? I ask you, is that at all fair?

So, in an attempt to get back on track, I thought I'd point you all to a review I did for the Quill and Quire of Laura Trunkey's children's novel The Incredibly Ordinary Danny Chandelier:
B.C. author Laura Trunkey’s dryly funny debut novel is centred around the misadventures of Lily Brook Academy’s newest student, Danny Chandelier. Danny suffers from a malady most distressing: an astonishing capacity for adequateness. Eager to rid themselves of any hint of mediocrity, panicked parents bundle up their children and fly them to Lily Brook, a school that prides itself as a place for those “with modest abilities, meager talents, and average intellect.”
The rest of the admittedly short (but fact-filled) review can be found here.

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