Oct 15, 2008

A glossary for the lit-set

There's a pretty fine (but sadly incomplete) glossary of new terms for those among us with a literary bent.

Some highlights:

memoir: From the Latin memoria, meaning “memory,” a popular form in which the writer remembers entire passages of dialogue from the past, with the ultimate goal of blaming the writer’s parents for his current psychological challenges.

novel: A quaint, longer form that fell out of fashion with the advent of the memoir.

clandestine science fiction novel: A work set in the future that receives a strong reception from the literary world as long as no one mentions that it is, in fact, science fiction; for example, The Road, winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

pop culture essay: An essay written by someone who prefers to shop or watch television.

Read the rest here, and thanks to Bookninja for the link.


Mark said...

Oh, those are great!

Mark said...

BTW, I loved Plot:

plot: A device, the lack of which denotes seriousness on the part of writers.

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