Sep 28, 2008

Bedtime Reading -- Brother Dumb

Title: Brother Dumb
Author: Sky Gilbert
Publisher: ECW Press

From the publisher: Brother Dumb is the memoir of a reclusive American literary icon. Brother Dumb is a how-to manual for meaningful critical engagement with the real world. Brother Dumb is a celebration of innocence, youth, and altruism. Brother Dumb is a true story of self-imposed exile. . .Brother Dumb is also a work of fiction.

Random quote: "The reason I'm telling you this is because this man's sad little soul is the soul of a critic. It is the soul of a person who has never done anything of any importance, or of value, who in fact has been sucked into the Great American dream, but likes to imagine somewhere deep down inside that he's an 'artist.'"

My impression so far: 25 pages in, and I'm loving it. If Gilbert keeps it up, this one has the possibility of becoming one of my favourites. So far, it's that good. And really dig the cover riffing off of Salinger. Nice gag.

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