Jul 8, 2008

Who's Reading What This Summer? Episode 4 - Jim Hall

Today's entry in the cavalcade of summer literary pleasures is brought to you by interviewer and book enthusiast Jim Hall.

Jim is the host of Cult Pop, a Michigan-based cable program (available online) devoted to lengthy and in-depth interviews with some of the more fascinating figures in genre fiction, including Jeff Vandermeer, Karl Schroeder, and Elizabeth Bear. And yes, I include myself as being among the 'fascinating' figures. Have you ever met me? Hell, I'm downright spectacular.

Jim's current 2008 summer picks:
I am reading Baltimore by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden.
I am just finishing Sly Mongoose by Tobias Buckell, and I just love it.
At the City's Edge by Marcus Sakey.
Corrupted Science by John Grant and I am looking forward to Brad Meltzer's new novel[The Book of Lies].
Cult Pop is a terrific program, and really opens your eyes to some novels you might otherwise not have heard about. Based on Jim's interview with Lauren Groff, I picked up a copy of her debut novel The Monsters of Templeton, and order all of you to do the same. It is an astonishing feat of imagination. Damn but she can write good.


John Grant said...

Many thanks for the mention of my book Corrupted Science -- much appreciated.

There's more about the book at my own website, www.johngrantpaulbarnett.com.

Corey Redekop said...

You're very welcome, John. I've heard nothing but good things about your book.

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