Jun 26, 2008

Who's reading what this summer? Episode 2 - Rod Lott

It's part 2 of my ongoing series of summer reading lists of the rich and powerf...I mean, the talented and the willing to respond to my emails.

Today's list comes courtesy of Rod Lott. Rod is the editor of Bookgasm.com, a book review site that...well, here's how Rod puts it:
Hey, have you read the new Nora Roberts?
Are you a member of Oprah’s Book Club?
Do you enjoy stories about the struggles of the disenfranchised in our society?
If you answered “no” to all those questions, we’d like to welcome you to BOOKGASM, the site dedicated to READING MATERIAL TO GET EXCITED ABOUT.
That includes all kinds of genre fiction, from horror and sci-fi to mystery and suspense. It also includes graphic novels, trashy paperbacks, cheap magazines and other things that much of America pretends to be ashamed of, for no good reason.
At BOOKGASM, we celebrate these escapist efforts, through daily news, reviews, interviews and other things that don’t end in “-ews.” Think of it as a community; we encourage your posts via the comments section under each item.

Based in Oklahoma City, Rod Lott spends his days as the assistant editor of Oklahoma’s largest alternative weekly newspaper. In his “spare time,” he is the editor of Hitch Magazine: The Journal of Pop Culture Absurdity, and some of his humor essays have appeared in the anthologies 101 Damnations (St. Martin’s Press), More Mirth of a Nation (HarperCollins) and May Contain Nuts (HarperCollins). He also adapts classic short stories to comic book form for the ongoing Graphic Classic series of graphic novels from Eureka Publishing.
Rod's a terrific fella with great taste in books, and is a fearless promoter of novels that sometimes fly under the radar (hint, hint). Bookgasm should be placed on everyone's Netvibes list immediately.

And what is Rod planning to read this summer?
Here's what I hope to get to this summer (limited to things actually coming out between now and Aug. 31). You'll be able to judge how much I accomplish by seeing how many pop up as reviews on Bookgasm:

Hit and Run by Lawrence Block
The Shadow of Reichenback Falls by John R. King
Old Devil Moon by Christopher Fowler
Halloween and Other Seasons by Al Sarrantonio
The X-Files: I Want to Believe by Max Allan Collins
Who Can Save Us Now? edited by Owen King and John McNally
The Mammoth Book of Crime Comics edited by Paul Gravett
The Darker Mask edited by Gary Phillips and Christopher Chambers
The Sandman Presents The Dead Boy Detectives by Ed Brubaker
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
Tigerheart by Peter David
Just Do It by Douglas Brown
Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz
Why You Should Read Kafka Before You Waste Your Life by James Hawes
Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich
The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending by Jon Land
That is a huge list. Rod's a dedicated reviewer, so I have no doubt he will get through the list expediently.

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Don Lewis said...

Good day. I'm Don and I'm on an intrepid mission to find the mythical source of the 123 meme. I'm just passing through. TA

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