Mar 3, 2008

Star Wars titles get a reworking

I love a good title sequence. Sometimes, they're the best part of the film. Think of Se7en's amazing tapestry of skip-jump edits and jangled music, or Alien's slow, methodical titles over the strange expanse of space.

As many film aficionados may know, Saul Bass was a legendary art director who designed many of the greatest, most eye-catching title sequences in American film history. When you think of Vertigo or Psycho, you inevitably remember the bizarre titles that capture the spirit of the piece. His last work, I believe, was for Martin Scorsese's remake of Cape Fear.

Some enterprising person has seen fit to redo the Star Wars title sequence as Saul Bass might have done during his 1960s heyday. Give it a look. I personally love it.

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