Jul 31, 2007

New site for interested authors

Friend of the book Matt over at skullring.org has started putting original fiction up on his site.

I'll let him explain it.

I'm planning on offering fiction on my all purpose weird/horror blog http://skullring.org/under the Creative Commons license (http://creativecommons.org/ ).

I'll be accepting fiction submissions for the site, which currently gets about 300 to 500 hits a day. Any fiction that is sent to me should be licensed under the CC license.

There won't be a bit of money involved, but if you've got any orphaned stories that deserve to see daylight, consider sending them along. I'll be considering the following material: fantasy, horror, slipstream, New Weird, sci fi. Basically anything creepy, dark, strange, or exotic. Material can range from flash fiction on up. I'll even take story fragments, as long as it's entertaining.

After a while, I'll offer an archive of the stories online. Any author that submits a story can have a link directed to their online website, or other contact information as they request. There won't be anywhere else I'll be publishing the stories; they're yours. I'm not interested in making money, and I'll be doing the same thing myself with some of my own stories.

Shoot your material over to mattormeg@gmail.com, if you're interested. Subject line: creative commons story: author/title .

Matt's a decent guy, so interested authors should keep him in mind.

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