Jun 4, 2007

Do the Right Thing / Sesame Street

Holy cow, this is funny. For adult fans of Sesame Street and Spike Lee, this is heaven.

I never knew Mr. Hooper was such a bad-ass.

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KK said...

Dear Corey,

Congratulations on your novel. It's nice to e-meet you. My name is Kate Kennedy and I am a journalism student at Western. I understand that you are giving a reading this Saturday at the London Central Library-and that you are a grad of the MLIS program. I am interested in doing a story about your success as a Western graduate and writer. I was wondering if you are able to speak with me while you are in London this weekend? I hesitate to leave my number on a blog so here is my email if you'd like to get back to me: kathleenerinkennedy@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you.


Kate Kennedy

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