Dec 7, 2006

How people find me

I promise to get to the all-important continuation of the Shelf Monkey epic, but I thought I'd waste a little time instead.

I've noticed other blogs do this, so I took note of the various search terms that have brought people to my site.

Here are the last few, some obvious, some unusual:

Shelf Monkey
Corey Redekop
shelf Monkey Blog
monkey blogger
"Rosellen Price" and homepage
"taras grescoe"
brown's requiem ellroy plot
All This Town Remembers
trapped on zombie island
ecw press spring 2007
and...(wait for it)...naked calenders!

All make sense, to a point, but naked calenders?


Koop said...

Great marketing idea! So, how does one purchase the official Shelf Monkey naked calendar?

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa.

That might have be me googling
'Hot Canadian naked male librarians'

The things I do to get a download of David Skene-Melvin in a kilt.

Anonymous said...

Naked Calendars?? WTF?!

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