Nov 7, 2006

A quick confession

I've been very lax in my updates/propaganda as of late, so I thought I'd make amends by revealing a heretofore untold secret about myself.

As you know (or should know), my novel Shelf Monkey is to be released in April of 2007 by ECW Press. In anticipation of that glorious day, when thirty-seven years of life finally culminates in a work very few people will ever actually read, I do the following:

Whenever I am in a bookstore, or library, I find the place on the shelves where my novel will take up space, visualize my as-yet-unpublished novel, try to fill the space with good vibes, and mentally rejoice/curse my nearby shelfmates.

I mean, I'd love to be next to Michael Redhill. The man can write! But more often than not, especially in stores that do not differentiate between Canadian literature and the other stuff, I find myself buttressed up against James Redfield. *shudder* *gag*

There. Confession over. Hope it'll tide you over for awhile.

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