Sep 11, 2006

Shelf Monkey - soon to be covered!

I thought I'd jump ahead in my narrative of the perils and triumphs of getting my novel Shelf Monkey published, and let people in on what is undoubtedly the coolest part of getting a novel on the shelves: choosing a cover.

Now, due to copyright and ownership issues, I am currently unable to show the three possible selections. However, I can show you the artist's first cover, seen to the right. This is the novel Showbiz, by Globe & Mail columnist/reviewer Jason Anderson. David Gee is the artist, and I think you'll agree, it's a striking cover.

I should also mention, Showbiz the novel is quite a memorable read as well. I'd advise anyone with a yen for humour and an adoration of the strange to pick up a copy for themselves.


Elizabeth said...

How cool!! You must be thrilled!

Corey Redekop said...

I know, it's awesome! Wish I could show the images, but they're the artist's work, and until a final cover is picked, no go on the show.

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