Aug 26, 2006

Who was the mystery writer?

For anyone paying attention, I had left off with my manuscript being somewhat praised by a then-somewhat-famous, now-truly-famous novelist.

The author, for those who didn't follow up on the hint in the last post, was Miriam Toews. At the time of my original submission to the Winnipeg Public Library Writer-in-Residence (Toews), she was a fairly well known author in Winnipeg. She had published three novels to date (most notably her first, the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour-nominated Summer of my Amazing Luck). Miriam was truly encouraging, and asked to see the full manuscript when complete.

In the interim, however, she released A Complicated Kindness, one of those sudden successes you only read about. Instantly, Miriam went from Miriam Toews to MIRIAM TOEWS. Giller prize nomination, Governor General's Award...Miriam's life changed practically overnight.

So, why would she even remember me?

Well, good news, she did (and still does, I believe). Despite the craziness, she remembered me, and agreed to read the full manuscript. Two weeks later, she sent me a letter saying "Go for it," (I'm paraphrasing). And so, I did.

Next post - The First Rejection


E. Ann Bardawill said...

If you're interested in an agent's opinion, check out Miss Snark.

I'm trying it myself, but the window to submit is only 12 hours starting Friday Sept. 1st at 1 pm (New York time)

M. G. Tarquini said...

Wandering in from E. Ann Bardawill's place to say hello.

Hello and welcome to the blogosphere.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Oh dear, he just started his blog and already's got 3 out of 5 Bunions posting.

Welcome, Corey!

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